Honesty and transparency are critical to any close relationship, including the one we desire with you. For disclosure information, including Terms and Conditions of Your Accounts, Your Rights and Responsibilities Regarding Electronic Fund Transfers, Your Ability to Withdraw Funds, and Truth-In-Savings Disclosure, please visit or contact one of our branches.

Under the Secure and Fair Enforcement Act (S.A.F.E. Act), Roxboro Savings Bank is required to ensure that each of our Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) is registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (Registry). In addition, we are required to make the unique identifier provided by the Registry for each of our MLOs available to clients, applicants and consumers upon request. The name, National Mortgage Licensing System Identification Number (NMLS ID#), address and phone number of each of our MLOs is as follows:

Derek R. Green
NMLS ID# 583310

(336) 599-2137 x 222

Keith A. Epstein
NMLS ID# 1204925

(336) 599-2137 x 221


Main Office
313 South Main Street
Roxboro, NC  27573
(336) 599-2137

 Toll Free:  1 (866) 601-6070

Crystal F. Long
NMLS ID# 568856

(336) 599-2137 x 227


Angela W. Whitfield
NMLS ID# 105568

(336) 599-2137 x 241

David A. Andrade

NMLS ID# 2329477

(336) 599-2137


J. Kendall Shaw
NMLS ID# 568858

(336) 599-2137 x 302
(336) 599-1096



Pamela H. Ferrell
NMLS ID#  1807630

(336) 599-2137 x 301
(336) 599-1096

Timberlake Commons Branch
5420 Durham Road

Roxboro, NC  27574
(336) 599-1096